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Well im not really sure what to put here, but i think i might actualy start posting here reguraly... :D



Sunday, January 23, 2005

AHHH FFS blogger jsut fsked with my post and it all went awaysome. ah well, ill jsut sum it up, need new pic for top of page, went to patricks, and church, saw movie eysterday, umm, get to use sword tomorrow and looke really cool, although jacket make me look liek a prat.


Maz at 1:50 PM

mmm, it did come out 5 times... ok let me jsut delete those

Maz at 1:39 PM

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Yesterday i got to see Scones!!!11 YAY,but the stupid thing was that i was allready missing him as i walked through my door. :( but anyway, i got a really nice neckalce, and a webcam :p and some badges and a phunkey box, im so glad scones is good at picking presents.... all i got him was a wallet.... :$

Maz at 4:37 AM

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

just got back from madiera, there was a webcafe with linux!!!11
mozilla wont let me post... for some reason... but meh, so im useing good ol' netscape.
but anyway, cant think of anythign else to say, except im eating a jam donut..... :p

Maz at 3:41 AM

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Webcafe time! not much else to do.... but its really hot in here 50 pcs or so, so im not suprised. watched some baders but thats lost its touch... anh im lieing badgers will rule forever!!111 anyway, cant remember the last time i updated this, sooooo, lalalalalalalala. anyway amdera is cool, well not not really, its hot here... even though its nearly septemeber.... meh, im gunna post this now.

Maz at 10:42 AM

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Hey! i know it's been a while.I am going to start posting again... hmmm, nothing much happend today.. i had an S and D exam. The lady was scary.... :P.
i have ninjitsu tonight, and i wil have my new suit. yay! I bet it will be miles to big or somehting... heh, today i gave my last template to patters. it was broke-ed. so i gave it to him to play with, and i think he's allready bust it.

Maz at 9:11 AM

Friday, March 26, 2004

Well, it's been a while. Recently i have been trying to get myself into the hobit, i mean habit of drawing at least one ahlf decent pic a day. Today, i finished one of a guy wearing ck's that i found while telling a few boys what was sexy. mainly what i ahve done focouses on eyes, but meh. eyes, half naked guys, umm, i think i will draw something more difficult, i have been looking into drawing fantasy. something that you can jsut copy a picture of because it doesn;t exsist, gah, i wish my dreams were more surreal.
i handed in my gucsee options today, scary, i am so glad miss b didn't ask me why i had chosen them, she is planning to attack me on monday but i wont be there :D, ph33r my health spa going abilitys.... hmmm, apart from that i handed in a form to be a CRA today, thrilling....
meh, i'm gunna go, um, well, im gunna go draw some more.... byeeee.....

Maz at 10:07 AM

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Today was really wierd, i found out that a boy me and ricegirl know was one of my childhood pals (ehhh sort of). My mum use to childmind him, and his mum used to childmind me. He came over today, to go to a council meeting, because he wants to do the malmesbury website...
Anyway, i had a speech and drama festeval today. I got 82, whatever that means, i dont have a clue. but anyway it sounds good, as i have improved on last year. heh. i tryed to watch david copperfield today, i got about half way, not too bad.
we had another maths test today (mock SAT), this was the first bit of the calculator paper. i think i did quite well. On the last test we had to get 36 to get a level 7 (level 8s weren't possible) i got 49 *beams*. heh, thats about it, what a boring life eh?
c yass

Maz at 1:16 PM